Travertine Maintenance

LCS is your trusted source for comprehensive travertine floor maintenance services in the Tampa Bay area. Trust us to revitalize your travertine surfaces, ensuring they regain their stunning allure and become a focal point of elegance in your space.

Want shiny travertine floors? Contact us for polishing services.

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Revive the Timeless Beauty of Your Travertine Flooring in Tampa Bay

Unlock the full potential of your travertine floors with our expert travertine restoration services. From addressing imperfections and repairing damage to restoring the natural luster of your travertine flooring, our skilled team delivers meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Experience the transformative power of our travertine restoration services and let your floors radiate elegance and sophistication once again.

Travertine Sealing

Apollo Beach Before | Lcs Stone Care


Travertine Sealing After | Lcs Stone Care


Ensure the longevity and stain resistance of your travertine floors with our premium travertine sealing services.

Repair Holes In Travertine

Travertine Hole Repair | Lcs Stone Care


Travertine Hole Repair 2 | Lcs Stone Care


We use a travertine color-tinted epoxy to repair holes that form in the travertine. It is important to properly maintain travertine floors otherwise the holes will become larger and more will develop holding dirt and debris resulting in a dirty appearance.

*Repairs are cosmetic in nature and do not include changing stability or integrity such as a replacement/installation would do.

Remove Lippage From Travertine

Remove Lippage 1 | Lcs Stone Care


Remove Lippage 2 | Lcs Stone Care


Tired of tripping over uneven travertine floors? Say goodbye to dangerous edges, we have the right tools to remove lippage from your travertine. 

Cleaning Travertine

Travertine Cleaning 1 | Lcs Stone Care


Travertine Cleaning 2 | Lcs Stone Care


Our professionals clean travertine floors by deep scrubbing with an intensive travertine cleaner and a brush that is able to flex into the clefts, holes and grout joints. Guaranteed to make your floors squeaky clean.

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Many installers have little or no knowledge of cleaning, sealing and polishing the floor. Common mistakes include leaving a grout residue on the surface of the tile, sealing over dirt and/or using an incorrect sealer or polish. Stone Specialists such as ourselves routinely work with many home builders and home owners to properly clean, seal and polish travertine floors.

Common maintenance procedure for filled travertine flooring is replacing the fill that begins to pop out in high traffic areas. LCS has an epoxy travertine colored fill to repair holes that form in the travertine. It is important to properly maintain travertine floors otherwise the holes will become larger and more will develop holding dirt and debris resulting in a dirty appearance. For more information feel free to call LCS at (813) 948-6800 and speak to a stone specialist.

Daily maintenance involves dust mopping frequently and wet mopping with a neutral cleaner. Use a clean mop that is solely used on the travertine floors. It is also best to change the water often to limit streaking. Only a neutral cleaner specific for polished travertine should be used to clean the floors. The best place to buy a neutral cleaner for your travertine is from your travertine restoration company or your local janitorial supply store. A common mistake made when cleaning travertine is the use of non-neutral liquids such as vinegar and tile grout cleaners. These liquids will “etch” the travertine , removing the polish.

Unlike buying a product that is the same from one company to another, purchasing a service such as travertine polishing requires a clear understanding of each company. First narrow your search to only those companies specializing in stone restoration. Next, understand what each company proposes to do. To choose the best specialist you must become an informed consumer so ask many questions. If you only compare prices you may be cheating yourself out of the best job. Finally find out who will be doing the actual work. There’s a big difference in having the owner on-site than just a sub-contractor or employee with much less experience.

Here are some questions to ask before hiring a company:
– Is the company privately owned or a franchise?
– Is the company certified in stone restoration?
– Does this company specialize in stone or try to cover a wide range of services?
– Who will be doing the actual work?
L.C.S. differs from others in many ways including: over 24 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area, specialization and certification for stone restoration, and quality customer service through owner operation.

One of the greatest benefits of travertine restoration is the maintenance. Unlike the initial refinishing, maintenance re-polishing is done only in high traffic areas at a fraction of the cost of restoration. The maintenance procedure involves a simple spray-buff re-polishing of traffic areas as needed. Proper maintenance by a stone professional is the most important part of keeping your floor looking its best and protecting the investment of your initial restoration.

Do’s & Don’ts

If you have these problems or any other questions about your travertine floors, call the stone specialists at LCS (813) 948-6800 for a free evaluation.