Travertine Repair​

Need travertine floor repairs? We’d be glad to help.

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Your Dependable Travertine Repair Company In Tampa

Known as the leader in stone care restoration for over 35 years, LCS Stonecare employs experts in natural stone floor maintenance to ensure first rate results. We offer a range of travertine repair services for Tampa Bay residents including cleaning repairing holes in travertine, removing etch marks from travertine flooring, removing lippage from travertine floors, properly sealing travertine floors and polishing travertine.

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When Do You Need Travertine Floor Repair?

No need to replace travertine tiles when they get etches, scratches, stains and when they become dull. All you need is a credible travertine floor repair company like LCS Stone Care to do the work for you.

Here are some signs you need a professional’s help for travertine repairs:

  • Holes and Cracks: A common maintenance procedure for filled travertine flooring is refilling the holes and cracks. Our team uses travertine color-tinted epoxy to repair these surface imperfections that form in the travertine. It is important to properly maintain travertine floors otherwise the holes will become larger and more will develop holding dirt and debris..
  • Lippage: Lippage is a condition where one edge of a stone is higher than adjacent edges, giving the finished surface an uneven appearance. Severe lippage (uneven tiles, toe kicks) is removed by an aggressive wet grinding process used to flatten the floor in order to achieve a monolithic appearance. For minor lippage in travertine flooring, we use a less aggressive honing process to round off the sharp edges.


In most cases, common travertine damage such as scratch, cracks, and chips can be repaired. Our travertine repair specialists utilize specialized techniques and quality materials to address various types of damage and restore the integrity of your travertine surfaces.

It depends on the extent and complexity of the damage. Minor repairs can be completed within a few hours, while more extensive repairs may take longer. During our initial assessment, we provide an estimated timeline, ensuring you are informed throughout the travertine repair process.

Many travertine floors experience the factory fill popping out over time especially in high traffic areas. Our travertine repair experts refill these holes with a travertine colored epoxy during the restoration or maintenance service. Most scratches and deep etches are removed with a diamond grinding and honing process in which the travertine is refinished revealing a fresh new layer of the stone.

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