Travertine Polishing

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Reliable Travertine Floor Polishing in Tampa by LCS Stone Care

Clean and even tiles are needed to achieve perfectly polished floors. At LCS Stonecare, we have the supplies needed to start the process of having a glossy and smooth travertine floor. We check the flooring and see if there are repairs needed before polishing travertine floors. Our team buffs the floor with honing powder, removing microscopic scratches and creating an even honed finish.

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Different Types of Travertine Finishes

Our travertine floor specialists can work on many kinds of finish with many varying degrees in between. The 3 main types of finish offered by LCS Stone Care include a honed, satin and high gloss polish. Every stone floor has it’s own unique character and color as well as other factors that result in a varying appearance of shine. A satin shine on one stone floor may look different than a satin shine on another. Our technicians will evaluate your travertine and guide you to the best choice for your particular stone.

  • Honed Finish: A honed finish has a flat appearance with little to no reflection. Interior decorators often refer to a honed floor as a “Mediterranean” look, natural or old world appearance.
  • Satin Finish: A satin finish is in between a honed and glass finish. Due to the nature of the polishing process the owner has the ability to determine the amount of shine they desire. More polish can result in a high satin finish while less polish will result in a low satin finish.
  • Glass Finish: A glass finish requires the use of 2 types of polishing processes and results in a clear, hard glass shine.


Unlike buying a product that is the same from one company to another, purchasing a service such as travertine polishing requires a clear understanding of each company. First narrow your search to only those companies specializing in stone restoration. Many companies divide their time providing carpet or tile cleaning services rather than focusing exclusively on stone floors such as LCS Stone Care. Next, understand what each company proposes to do such as the levels of diamond abrasives. To choose the best specialist you must become an informed consumer so ask many questions. If you only compare prices you may be cheating yourself out of the best job. Finally find out who will be doing the actual work. There’s a big difference in the personal care provided by a family owned and operated company. Some questions to ask before hiring a company: – Is the company privately owned or a franchise? – Is the company certified in stone restoration? – Does this company specialize in stone or try to cover a wide range of services? – Who will be doing the actual work? L.C.S. differs from others in many ways including: over 35 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area, specialization and certification for stone restoration, and quality customer service through owner operation.

The maintenance needs for each project is different especially when you consider there are filled or unfilled travertine floors, honed or polished. Polishing travertine floors depends on many factors such as foot traffic, cleaning, acidic spills etc. Typically customers like to schedule their maintenance polishing every 1-3 years. If you start to see visible wear patterns it’s important to call for a consultation before a more expensive honing process is required in addition to the polishing.

One of the greatest benefits of travertine restoration is the maintenance. Unlike the initial refinishing, maintenance re-polishing is done only in high traffic areas at a fraction of the cost of restoration. The maintenance procedure involves a simple spray-buff re-polishing of traffic areas as needed. Proper maintenance by a stone professional like LCS Stone Care is the most important part of keeping your floor looking its best and protecting the investment of your initial restoration.

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