Terrazzo Sealing​

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Tampa Bay's Top Terrazzo Sealing Services for Lasting Protection

Experience the unmatched benefits of sealing terrazzo surfaces with LCS Stone Care. Our expert team utilizes only the most advanced techniques and premium sealants to protect terrazzo surfaces from stains, spills, and everyday wear. Our detailed approach to terrazzo sealing provides long-lasting protection of terrazzo floors, and helps retain the stunning appearance of your floors. Contact LCS Stone Care for professional sealing services.

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Why Sealing Terrazzo Floors is Important

  • Preserve Beauty: Maintaining the appearance and natural beauty of terrazzo floors depend on how well terrazzo floors are sealed. A penetrating sealer which is also called to prevent spills, stains, and discoloration. By sealing terrazzo floors, we can help retain their aesthetic appeal for many years to come.
  • Penetrating Sealer vs Topical Coating Sealer: An industry standard sealer for stone is a Penetrating Sealer which is also referred to as an Impregnator or Impregnating Sealer. This type of sealer penetrates into the surface of the stone and forms an invisible barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains, while allowing vapor to escape. A penetrating sealer does not alter the natural look of the stone by creating a shine or enhancing the color. It is meant for stain resistance and protection while still allowing the stone to breathe. Unlike a Topical Coating Sealer which scratches & scuffs easily, creates a superficial shine and requires greater maintenance.
  • Protect Your Investment: A penetrating sealer provides the ease of mind that your terrazzo has a level of protection from stains providing stain resistance to your terrazzo floors.

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