Marble Maintenance

LCS specializes in marble maintenance services in Tampa Bay. From etch mark removal to addressing lippage, we deliver comprehensive solutions to revive the natural beauty of your marble flooring.

Want high gloss marble floors? Contact us for polishing services.

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Restore the Brilliance of Your Marble Floors in the Tampa Bay Area

Unlock the stunning beauty of your polished marble floors with LCS Stone Care's professional marble floor polishing and cleaning services. Our skilled team specializes in revitalizing and maintaining the natural elegance of marble surfaces, ensuring they shine with renewed brilliance. Trust us to bring out the timeless allure of your marble floors in the Tampa Bay Area.
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  • Marble Restoration: With our extensive training and experience in repairing damaged marble, we guarantee that your marble surfaces will look their best.
  • Marble Etch Marks: Remove those pesky etch marks with our professional cleaning team. No matter how severe the etching is, we’re here to take on the challenge.
  • Marble Lippage Removal: Our specialized marble restoration techniques and tools are always necessary to remove marble lippage.
  • Marble Polishing: Our last step in refinishing marble floors is a polishing process that creates a hard, glass shine for your surfaces.
  • Marble Sealing: Avoid staining and other damages with our quality penetrating sealers or impregnators to keep your marble surfaces good as new.


Due to varying conditions of each marble floor an on-site evaluation is recommended for an accurate quote. Call our office at (813) 948-6800 for more information or to make an appointment for this free quote.

A common myth is that vinegar is a proper cleaner for polished marble floors. In fact vinegar removes the polish from floors and etches the marble. Vinegar dulls the shine and dries the stone making it brittle. Therefore homeowners should NOT use vinegar as a daily cleaner. Only a neutral cleaner specific for polished marble should be used during mopping. Call LCS for more information about purchasing an appropriate neutral cleaner.

Many installers have little or no knowledge of properly cleaning, sealing and polishing marble floors. Common mistakes include leaving a grout residue on the surface of the tile, sealing over dirt and/or using an incorrect sealer or polish. Stone Specialists such as ourselves routinely work with many home builders and homeowners to properly clean, seal and polish travertine floors.

Daily maintenance involves dust mopping frequently and wet mopping with a neutral cleaner. Use a clean mop that is solely used on the polished marble floors. It is also best to change the water often to limit streaking. Only a neutral cleaner specific for polished marble should be used to clean the floors. The best place to buy a neutral cleaner for your polished marble is from your marble restoration company or your local janitorial supply store. A common mistake made when cleaning marble is the use of non-neutral liquids such as vinegar and tile grout cleaners. These liquids will “etch” the marble, removing the polish.

Unlike buying a product that is the same from one company to another, purchasing a service such as marble restoration requires a clear understanding of each company. First narrow your search to only those companies specializing in stone restoration. Next understand what each company proposes to do. To choose the best specialist you must become an informed consumer so ask many questions. If you only compare prices you may be cheating yourself out of the best job. Finally find out who will be doing the actual work. There’s a big difference in having the owner on-site than just a sub-contractor or employee with much less experience.

Here are some questions to ask before hiring a company:

  • Is the company privately owned or a franchise?
  • Is the company certified in stone restoration?
  • Does this company specialize in stone or try to cover a wide range of services?
  • Who will be doing the actual work?
  • L.C.S. differs from others in many ways including: over 35 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area, specialization and certification for stone restoration, and quality customer service through owner operation.

    One of the greatest benefits of marble restoration is the maintenance. Unlike the initial refinishing, maintenance re-polishing is done only in high traffic areas at a fraction of the cost of restoration. The maintenance procedure involves a simple spray-buff re-polishing of traffic areas as needed. Proper maintenance by a stone professional is the most important part of keeping your floor looking its best and protecting the investment of your initial restoration.

    If you have these problems or any other questions about your marble floors, call the stone specialists at L.C.S. (813) 948-6800 for a free evaluation.

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