Terrazzo restoration is best using a diamond grinding process

Terrazzo floors were wildly popular in residential construction in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Today it is extremely expensive and therefore it is not used often in residential homes.  Terrazzo is both durable and beautiful.

Finding terrazzo floors under carpet or wood in your home is like unearthing a buried treasure. In today’s market Terrazzo floors cost about $25 per square foot, making it one of the most expensive flooring of any kind.  Terrazzo is a sustainable solid mixture of cement and marble that will last forever, or until the building is torn down.

LCS can bring any terrazzo floor to a glass shine.  However, full restoration is a multi-day process.

The restoration of terrazzo requires an experienced professional to properly repair cracks, holes, chips etc. Holes are repaired by closely matching the matrix (background color) and using the appropriate size and color marble chips. After repairs are completed, the terrazzo floor is wet sanded with diamond impregnated grinding, honing and polishing abrasives. A penetrating sealer/ impregnator is then applied to provide stain resistance. The last step in refinishing is a polish commonly used on marble to create a hard, glass shine. This polishing process is not a wax finish that yellows, scratches easily and must be stripped off and re-waxed often. In fact the greatest benefit of restoration is the ease of maintenance. Daily maintenance involves dust mopping frequently and wet mopping with a neutral cleaner. With proper maintenance the wet diamond grinding process will not be required after the initial restoration and traffic patterns can be re-polished by a professional as needed blending into the polished areas.

The price of terrazzo restoration is based on a variety of factors such as the severity of damage to the floor, the amount of square footage, and the overall condition of the terrazzo.  Some floors have several pits and holes from tile and carpet removal.  The most important tip for homeowners seeking to restore their terrazzo floors is to leave the carpet tacks strips in place. A professional in the terrazzo restoration industry will know to cut the nails limiting damage rather than make the costly mistake of ripping them out of the floor. In some cases a type of nail or method of installation has caused damage to the floor already. LCS prepares each hole then matches the damaged terrazzo floor by creating a customized epoxy mixture for every project then combining closely matching marble chips to blend the patches into the existing terrazzo.

If you want a long lasting low maintenance floor then Terrazzo is the perfect solution. Diamond grinding will restore terrazzo to a brilliant shine and provide you with a life-time of low maintenance use.