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Experience superior travertine care with our sealing and polishing services made for preserving the natural elegance of travertine and protecting it against stains. This elegant and warm stone exudes a classic appeal, ideal for both interior and exterior spaces.

Unleash the hidden splendor of your terrazzo floors with our meticulous terrazzo restoration, repairing cracks and enhancing durability. Terrazzo’s mosaic-like appearance makes it a versatile choice for spaces seeking artistic touch.


Marble Repair | Lcs Stonecare

Elevate your space with our expert marble restoration services, from polishing to sealing, as we bring out the timeless beauty of your marble surface. This luxurious natural stone is ideal for adding sophistication to any interior.

With Over 35 Years Of Experience, We Are Your Local Business You Can Trust

LCS is an owner-operated, certified stone care business that has provided quality stone restoration and maintenance service throughout the Tampa Bay area for over 24 years. You may have seen us on the Home & Garden Channel, ABC, Bay News 9 or in Housetrends Magazine, Florida Coastal Magazine or TampaBay Magazine.

Our company uses state-of-the-art floor resurfacers, diamond abrasives, polishing material and sealers to refinish stone flooring such as Marble, Travertine, and Terrazzo.

LCS has options to accommodate customers of any budget. For a free estimate or to ask a certified stone care specialist a question please call (813) 948-6800.

    Flooring Services

    LCS delivers exceptional stone care and stone restoration services across Tampa Bay,
    ensuring the lasting beauty and durability of your valuable stone installations.

    Terrazzo Sealing New | Lcs Stone Care

    Terrazzo Sealing

    Safeguard the beauty of terrazzo surfaces with precision sealing techniques.

    Terrazzo Polishing New | Lcs Stone Care

    Terrazzo Polishing

    Let’s bring back the luster of your terrazzo floors with Tampa Bay’s best terrazzo polishing company.

    Terrazzo Restoration New | Lcs Stone Care

    Terrazzo Restoration

    Rediscover the elegance of your terrazzo floors with our top-quality terrazzo restoration services in Tampa Bay.

    Terrazzo Repair New | Lcs Stone Care

    Terrazzo Repair

    Preserve the beauty and durability of your floors with expert terrazzo repair services in the Tampa Bay area.

    Terrazzo Cleaning New | Lcs Stone Care

    Terrazzo Cleaning

    Experience exceptional results of our professional terrazzo cleaning services in the Tampa Bay area.

    Marble Polishing New | Lcs Stone Care

    Marble Polishing

    Enjoy impeccable marble polishing services for stunning, mirror-like shine with LCS Stone Care.

    Marble Restoration New | Lcs Stone Care

    Marble Restoration

    Experience exceptional marble restoration services in the Tampa Bay area with LCS Stone Care.

    Marble Sealing | Lcs Stonecare

    Marble Sealing

    Ensure the longevity of your marble surfaces with our professional marble sealing services in Tampa Bay

    Marble Repair | Lcs Stonecare

    Marble Repair

    Restore the splendor of your marble with our expert marble repair services in the Tampa Bay area.

    Marble Cleaning New | Lcs Stone Care

    Marble Cleaning

    Rediscover the natural brilliance of your marble surfaces with expert marble cleaning services in the Tampa Bay Area.

    Travertine Restoration New1 | Lcs Stone Care

    Travertine Restoration

    Restore your worn out travertine surfaces to stand the test of time.

    Travertine Repair | Lcs Stonecare

    Travertine Repair

    Make your travertine surfaces look good as new with our travertine tile repair services in Tampa.

    Travertine Sealing | Lcs Stonecare

    Travertine Sealing

    Keep your travertine floors in great shape throughout the years with our Tampa based travertine sealing services.

    Travertine Cleaning New 1 | Lcs Stone Care

    Travertine Cleaning

    Experience our intensive stone cleaning process in Tampa

    Travertine Polishing New | Lcs Stone Care

    Travertine Polishing

    Put the shine back to your Travertine floors with our tried and tested polishing procedures in Tampa.

    Transforming Stone Flooring and Tiles into Masterpieces

    At LCS, we bring to life your stone floors and tiles back to using cutting-edge tools and materials. We specialize in the repair and restoration of the following stone flooring:

    Transforming Stone Flooring 1 | Lcs Stone Care

    Discover Why We’re The Stone Restoration Company of Choice in Tampa Bay

    Elevate your stone surfaces to new heights with LCS Stone Care and Maintenance. As the premier choice for stone restoration company in Tampa Bay, our unrivaled expertise, advanced techniques, and commitment to excellence ensure your floors and surfaces are meticulously restored to their original splendor. Here’s why people choose our floor repair and stone restoration services: 

    24 Years Of Experience | Lcs Stonecare

    Over 35 Years of Experience

    Since 1988 LCS, Inc. has provided quality stone floor care services to residential and commercial customers throughout Greater Tampa Bay. We set the standard for our industry in the Tampa Bay area supported by our A-rating with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

    Certified Stone Specialists | Lcs Stonecare

    Certified Stone Specialists

    LCS has completed formal training to become certified in the restoration and maintenance of natural stone. This allows our company to do the best job by understanding the theory behind these processes to adapt to different obstacles that occur with restoration. 


    Locally Owned And Operated | Lcs Stonecare

    Locally Owned and Operated

    One of the greatest benefits of hiring LCS is our passion and years of experience. Through the years we have researched and tested a variety of brands, processes etc. with hands-on experience to determine the best products to use on each stone restoration project.

    Experience The Difference of Our Stone Care Services

    LCS is your trusted stone floor care and cleaning company dedicated to preserving the beauty and longevity of your surfaces. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. Let our team transform your stone surfaces. 

    Hear What Our Happy Customers Have To Say!

    Restoring Brilliance to Residential and Commercial Floors:
    Stone Repair Near Tampa Bay

    Whether it’s a luxurious home or a bustling commercial establishment, our expert team utilizes advanced techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and premium materials to deliver remarkable results. LCS proudly offers stone repair services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the Tampa Bay area including:

    Unparalleled Stone Care Solutions For Tampa Bay’s Communities

    From repairing cracks and imperfections to refinishing and polishing, LCS creates a strong and stunning foundation that elevates the overall aesthetic and value of your space. We have provided stone care solutions to thousands of satisfied customers in the following communities:

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